Parkway Towers

After the positive outcomes of working in Lincoln Green, we approached Zest, an organisation committed to supporting people living in disadvantaged areas of Leeds, addressing health inequalities and social isolation through activities which improve physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

We’d heard about their work with residents in high rise buildings in the area and we were keen to discuss how our work could feed into these projects. In particular, we were interested in their development of a residents group in a community room within the flats and how we could work with the residents to provide more opportunities to share their stories and develop their artistic skills.

With support from Zest, we raised a small amount of funding which has enabled us to run 5 sessions with the residents using photographs, videos and sounds to make a film focusing on their experiences of ‘home’ in the context of social housing. Working in a community room inside the flats also contributes to our long term aim to support residents to develop communal spaces inside their buildings, linking to the council’s ABCD agenda.

Week 1

The session began with an introduction to the project and what we had planned to do over the 5 weeks. We’d met with the residents group previously to discuss the project and what they’d like to produce so they were already familiar with our ideas and ways of working. This week’s focus was on discussing ideas of home and how people felt about the different places they’d lived. Ideas ranged from food, safety, family, community and geographic location.

We recorded everyone talking about their experiences of different homes and then spent the rest of the session taking photographs around the inside and outside of the flats.

Week 2

This week focused around using the photographs we’d taken in the previous week and photo-collaging them with personal objects that people brought along to the session. We also elaborated on some of the themes discussed in the previous session to collect more recordings for the film.