Frances Ann Norton

Frances Ann Norton is an interdisciplinary artist working with ideas of spirituality in a secular context. Frances makes painted icons, quilts and textiles and ceramic sculpture as vehicles for abstract and narrative images. Trained as a potter her practice is studio based, grounded in tools and materials, using a making method developed by Shari Tishman (2017) that employs slow looking, slow crafting and mindful making. Frances is an arts educator with thirty years experience working with students across community learning, FE, HE and postgraduate

Frances is a published educational researcher who has given papers at conferences throughout Europe. Stemming from her doctoral research, she is interested in the experiential practice research of John Dewey and how art students might engage more deeply with critical thinking to further develop their creative practice. Frances also is a folk musician playing in a number of bands. Her poetic practice uses words to express the experiences of being a community creative, of being imaginative and a thinker to build poems.